My Work

Homomorphic type casting of algebraic data types through partial-α-equivalence – Defines the notion of a homomorphism within lambda calculus, as well as outlines a way to type check algebraic data types encoded in weakly typed lambda calculi.

Parallel Computation of Discrete Colors – A collection of ways to define and layer shapes or isolated regions of uniform color from 3-dimensional continuous functions (or distance fields), using fragment/pixel shader programs. As well as an introduction to a notation that in my opinion, makes it easier to understand what’s going on at each interpolation pass. 

LambdaScript – A functional programming language implementing (and extending) the semantic rules for the lambda calculus (λ-calculus). The language parser, interpreter, and code generator is implemented in C++.

OpenWeatherMap Caching Server – A server and client library to cache redundant requests from OpenWeatherMap’s free API plan, as well as allowing multiple free API keys to be strung together if the request limit is exceeded.

Design and Assembly of an Informational Kiosk for Wake Atoll – Leaded the development of designing and assembling a video kiosk that now stands in the airport of Wake Atoll. The kiosk displays the guidelines for ethical and responsible fishing on Wake, and is a requirement for any visitors traveling to the island to watch.

More projects on my Github.